Lindsey Zaleski, the real “LZ”, is the backbone of the MMC account management team as the Senior Account Manager. Her typical day includes answering client emails and calls, training and onboarding newcomers, developing new policies and operating procedures for the team, and overall being a firecracker. Her passion and drive make MMC a better place for our clients and employees.

It’s rare to find someone who tries to improve and broaden their mind more than LZ. She holds herself to the highest standards of integrity and quality, providing an excellent example for all of her colleagues. She pushes herself to learn more about the industry, including SEO, photography and print.

Before coming into the multifamily industry, Lindsey worked at the University of Texas at Arlington – specifically in resident life (a precursor to her future of working with apartment communities). She loved working with students, serving as a guide to those who may have been struggling or needing to know who to talk to. Each day posed a different challenge to her, and she learned a lot on the job.

After her work at the university, Lindsey briefly left the DFW area. When she returned, she sought a new challenge. The door opened for her to become a concierge for an apartment community located in Dallas. There, she was able to learn and grow while building relationships with the residents.

LZ’s journey within Mixed Media Creations began in 2013. As a member of the multifamily housing business world, she built a connection with Susie Carter (owner and president of MMC). She was able to use her industry know-how and awesome client relationship skills to cement her place on the account management team.

Today, LZ lives in downtown Dallas where she spends her time trying new restaurants with her friends, testing her strength in out-of-the-ordinary fitness classes, and spending time at home with her kitty cats.

What do you like about working with Mixed Media?

I really enjoy the employees. I love working on the creative side of things, getting to see something come from a bunch of ideas into a brand and seeing that established.

What is one of your favorite unexpected accomplishments that you’ve achieved here?

I’ve learned about websites and different aspects within the World Wide Web.

Getting to create some foundational pieces, and training other account managers for on-boarding.

What is your favorite movie?

One of my favorite movies is a League of Their Own.

I like the dynamic of the people in the movie. It has some really funny quotes. I enjoy the story of someone from a small town really flourishing.

What is another favorite?

Mona Lisa Smile – It’s about a teacher basically who struggled to get the job. It was an all female school, and just the different dynamics of that world versus her life in California, which I assume I would relate more with than a small town in Massachusetts. Just a different world and how she navigates that – the predisposed mentality of some of the girls in that timeframe, who wore pearls while vacuuming in heels.

What is something that you’re passionate about in the design industry?

I guess just seeing how you can take the same concept with different people’s outlooks and create a variety of looks from those keywords. And how each of those might invoke a different feeling or judgment.

What’s something in your outside life that you’re passionate about?


Why animals?

They’re just these sweet creatures that express through their eyes. They are very vulnerable to humans. They rely on us, not always, but I always want to help them.

How did you get started working with animals?

I’ve always had animals growing up, but I started fostering after I graduated from college, while I was still working at the university. I would take pets home and bring them up to adoption fairs (most likely at a pet store).

When I wasn’t living where I was working, I had to cut that out because there wasn’t enough time. One day again. When there is a yard.

What is your favorite adoption story?

I had this one kitty cat named Snickerdoodle – she was the runt of the litter, and she would cry all the time. Because she cried all the time and she was so teeny tiny, it was difficult to find her forever home. She finally went home with a paraplegic kid, and it was the highlight of his life.

That was one of my favorite little babies. It was a little tiny white and speckley cinnamon-looking kitten.

I really enjoyed being able to find them a forever home. A lot of people think that it would be super hard to give them up, but it was super rewarding once they got their forever home.

What are you watching on Netflix?

I don’t have Netflix, but I like to watch reality TV, for sheer entertainment of the drama. I watch it for the drama.

What draws you to the drama of reality TV?

It’s just funny.

What are 3 new things that you’re trying this year?

Cooking more at home, working out more, and snowboarding. And I tried wake boarding. That was fun too.

What’s your favorite recipe that you’ve tried?

Lemon bars.

Should we expect an LZ themed restaurant with just lemon bars?

No, not until I get a bigger kitchen with a double oven situation.

What is your favorite website?

Websites that we’ve done? I still really like Estates Inc. I worked really hard on that and I think it’s still fabulous.

I like randomly Googling stuff, whether it’s to learn something or to explore.

What is something that you like to create?

Happiness. In myself and others. Although, sometimes I think the choices that will make me happy make me not happy. But you only live once.

You gotta try on the shoes and eat the cake.

It’s funny because I hated history growing up, but now I love going to visit places, like historical places. I guess that’s the difference between growing up in Texas versus the northeast in that regard. It’s a very distant concept, but when you’re up there it’s in your face. Like Ellis Island – so cool.

Why does Ellis Island resonate with you?

It’s just interesting to see how this concept that so many people wanted to come to the new America all came through this one point. Almost everybody experienced it. There are so many people who experienced it, and seeing the conditions that so many people experienced, yet they were still excited to go through everything for a small chance. But people wouldn’t do that now. The mentality is interesting.

I did get to see the kitchen and house where my fourth great grandma would have worked as a servant.

Did that make you feel connected to her?

Oh yes, it is a famous house called The Breakers in Newport, Rhode Island. It’s a teeny tiny little room off of the kitchen where she would have made pastries. She emigrated here from Ireland. It’s crazy that I could go to this place where she lived and worked every day, and see that.

Is there anything that you would like to leave our blog readers with?

Give your best every day, and know there is a learning lesson behind every challenge.

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