Mixed Media Creations would be nothing without its team members. In order to showcase their inherent awesomeness, we will be doing a series highlighting each person and how they make MMC special. Cody Wolfard was the natural place to start.

Cody Wolfard, or as the MMC team lovingly calls him, Codar 9000, has been on staff since 2011. Starting out as the one and only (and first!) intern, Cody has held just about every job title MMC offers with notable exceptions – lion tamer, basket weaver, and fireman.

Owner and president, Susie Carter, became acquainted with Cody when he was a leasing professional at a student living community in Denton. She was photographing a grand reopening event, when she noticed a young man hustling, keeping the party going. He was the hardest working one there.

MMC_0488-2At the end of the event, Cody approached Susie, asking if she had an internship available. Impressed with his demeanor, initiative, and professionalism, Susie made a decision that would deeply impact the future of MMC. She replied, “No, but we’ll absolutely create one for you.”

Known still for his meticulous hard work, Cody can easily be described as one of the building blocks of Mixed Media Creations. During his tenure, Cody has focused on keeping the team moving forward, defining nearly every role he’s filled over the years. After serving as MMC’s first Traffic Manager, the liaison between the Accounts team and the Design team, he has now taken a step behind the scenes.

As Strategic Operations Manager, Cody examines the work flow and daily operations in order to make MMC more efficient and seamless. He has not only elevated the style, drive, and innovation that MMC brings to the clients’ table, but he has elevated the quality of the company as a whole.

Cody and his wife, Lauren, live in East Dallas with their two rescue dogs, Scouser and Buck. They enjoy traveling, date nights at the Dallas Arboretum, and spending time with friends and family. Cody’s other hobbies include creating the world’s greatest patio and hiking.  Currently, he is aspiring to be great at Ping-Pong. We sat down with Cody to talk about his life and philosophy.

What inspires you?

Several things. One thing I think about a lot (without getting too deep here) is the outdoors. Nothing inspires me more than being outside in nature. It puts you in your place in the world. When you’re outside and you see how perfect and beautiful it is, it affects you. You see that it’s not just about you. You’re not only a member of humanity, but of the natural world.

The media I consume also inspires me. In the broad sense of books, TV shows, movies. Some are merely entertainment, but some of them I do gather things from.

There is this quote that I like – “You’re nothing more than the media you consume,” meaning the books you read, movies, TV, family, friends… they all shape you. There is some personality mixed in, but it does matter.

What’s one movie that inspired you?

The movie Midnight in Paris inspires me to be curious. Curiosity is one of the undervalued traits, I think. That movie inspires and reminds me to be curious.

What books are you drawn to?

The older I’ve become, the harder it is to read. The most amazing story puts me to sleep because the act of reading makes me tired. I love the book The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman. The movie is not that great, but the book is amazing.

I do recall several times in childhood drawing inspiration and ideas for what the future might be like from Lord of the Rings.

I think what kind of explains me also is how they describe Gil (from Midnight in Paris) as a romantic, not in the sense of flowers and candles, but blending reality with imagination. You can create your own, more fun environment. You can draw analogies from Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones just in the quiet moments of the day.

What is your favorite TV show?

Hands-down, my favorite comedy TV show is The Office. I’ve never really watched TV shows until that one. Lauren wanted to start me off on the basics.

My favorite non-comedy would be Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain.

What are you passionate about in the design industry and why?

blog13cody_1_thumbI guess I can only speak to recently. I’ve taken an interest in web. Web and digital are something I would like to know more about. With the change in media, the consumer is entitled to consuming media where they want to consume it and when. Not necessarily in their mailbox, or in their hands walking around an event, but in their email inbox when they get home.

Strategy is something that has always interested me. Strategy, as in knowing “why.” I’ve always loved strategy games and classes where you would learn how to use strategy and apply it in real life. I’m passionate about the “why” in all that goes on in the design. Not necessarily “the how” or “the who,” but the “why.”

What are some of your favorite websites?

Do apps count?

I love Instagram. I don’t really go online much outside of work. I like Instagram; I like the weather app (Weather.com). I go to ESPN and CNN like a normal American. I like Google, Google Maps, and Google Earth.

What do you like about Instagram? Why is that on your top list?

I’m not a man or human of many words. I prefer to sit back and observe. I can share what I want to share and not have to describe it in words. It means something to me, it may to others, maybe not, but that is my preferred platform of sharing.

What is your favorite food?

This is the complicated one. My favorite dish is chicken fingers with honey mustard. Fries are optional.

My favorite genre of food is food with sauce. Barbecue is big, Mexican, lots of sauce there. If you give me a platter of things to dip in sauces, with different sauces to dip in, and different dipping utensils, that would be my favorite dish.

Who is your #1 hero and why?

blog13codyeditGrowing up, I idolized Michael Jordan. In my office at home I still have a life-sized cardboard cut out of him.

I don’t really have a number one hero. People of influence are my family, Stephen Girard, Steve Zissou (Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou).

My dad has always been one to challenge me, in a good way. He wants to make sure I’m never complacent or at least overly complacent.

I never have an answer to that – the people who have a number one hero, I’ve always wanted to ask them how they decided on just one.

Have you ever met a celebrity? If so, who?

Billie Dee Williams, you know, Lando Calrissian. I was in an airport in Burbank, California, and I had a Star Wars book with me, and my dad had me go up. He signed my book for me.

How old were you?

I was about 10.

I did get to drive the truck in the Mavericks Championship parade and before we got into the trucks to drive them, all the players showed up in a bus. We got to meet with them, and some of them were nicer than others.

Who would you invite, living or dead, to a dinner party to speak with them?

I’m gonna go with – I’m thinking of 3. I have 2 of the 3, but I’m trying to think of a third. Someone I can balance out the group with that is more honorable.

I’d love to sit at a table with Bill Murray and Anthony Bourdain, but I’m trying to think of somebody who would bring some enlightenment to the table. No, that’s it I guess. And we eat barbecue.

Anthony Bourdain is known for eating more adventurous foods. Would you let him bring that to the table?

Oh, absolutely. I would try anything, pretty much.

Okay, last question. What do you think the world will look like in 2020?

What year is it? 2017? That’s not far from now. I’ll be over 30, so I don’t know what the world will look like through the eyes of a 30 year old. I don’t know that I can answer that honestly for the audience of this blog post. How do I answer this truthfully?

I think that technology will grow faster than we ever imagined. We’re a unique generation because we grew up before it came to be, but also are able to adapt to it.

In 2020 Liverpool will be 2 time defending (back-to-back) Premier League champs. My garden will be 3 years prettier. And my body will be 3 years older. I will be 3 more years wiser. And I will have an iPhone 10. I’ll probably still have my Subaru.

Is there anything you want to leave our blog audience with?

Thanks for reading. I’ll see you in the real world.

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